Medical Freedom Summit 2021

Imagining a Better Way: Foundations of a Healthy Healthcare System


06/26/2021Mises Media
The groupthink that exists among scholars of healthcare, among policymakers, among politicians—even among the public—is alarming.
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What Canada Can Teach Us about Medical Freedom


06/28/2021Mises Media
Government-sector healthcare in Canada is aging, lower-quality, and generally behind the times. The country's lack of healthcare capacity was made far more obvious by the covid-19 crisis.
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Can Economics Save Medicine?


06/21/2021Mises Media
Medicine is fundamentally poised for an incredible entrepreneurial breakthrough.
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Medical Staffing and the Revolutionary Innovations We Need


06/21/2021Mises Media
Healthcare is inaccessible in many ways, and it is notoriously inefficient. There is a fundamental misalignment between patients and the system.
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