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Die Partei der Freiheit (The Party of Liberty)

  • Die Partei der Freiheit by Ralph Raico

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06/18/1999Ralph Raico

Studien zur Geschichte des deutschen Liberalismus

"To say that the new book by Ralph Raico, professor of history at Buffalo State College, fills a gap in the literature would be a gross understatement. There is simply no other study like it. Anyone who has taken undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in modern German history recalls that standard texts and specialized studies in the field run all the way from market-hating treatments to market-shy ones. Raico’s book, whose title in English would be “The Party of Freedom: Studies in the History of German Liberalism,” is something not often seen in this field: a market-friendly account by a classical liberal." —Joseph R. Stromberg, Independent Review (Spring 2000)

Includes an introduction by Christian Watrin. Translated by Jörg Guido Hülsmann, Gabriele Bartel, and Pia Weiss.


Stuttgard: Lucius and Lucius, 1999

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