Against Intellectual Property

법률 체계사유재산

Would a libertarian society recognize patents as legitimate? What about copyright? Stephan Kinsella — a patent attorney of many years’ experience — offers his response to these questions.
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Anatomy of the State

정치 이론

Anatomy of the State gives a succinct account of Rothbard’s view of the state. Rothbard regards the state as a predatory entity. It does not produce anything but rather steals resources from those engaged in production.
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The Austrian School of Economics: A History of Its Ideas, Ambassadors, and Institutions

오스트리안 경제학오스트리안학파 경제학의 역사

A guide to the history, ideas, and institutions of the Austrian School of economics written by two Austrian intellectuals who have gone to the sources themselves to provide a completely new look at the tradition and what it means for the future.
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큰 정부간섭주의

Mises explains that the core choice we face is between rational economic organization by market prices or the arbitrary dictates of government bureaucrats. There is no third way.
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Busting Myths about the State and the Libertarian Alternative

전략정치 이론

This book answers all the tough questions libertarians get from statists and is perfect for ripping apart justifications for the state.
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Chaos Theory

정치 이론

Working within a Rothbardian framework, Murphy takes up the challenge of Hans Hoppe regarding the role of market insurance in property security to extend the analysis to the security of person.
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Defending the Undefendable

정치 이론

This is among the most famous of the great defenses of victimless crimes and controversial economic practices, from profiteering and gouging to bribery and blackmail.
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Deflation and Liberty

화폐와 은행화폐이론화폐와 금융

This monograph addresses a critically important issue: the prevailing view that deflation (falling prices and/or falling money stock) is a catastrophe that must be stopped.
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