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Economic Principles

가격주관주의가치와 교환

Economic Principles provides a complete and systematic exposition of economic theory based on the Austrian subjective-value approach.
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Economic Theory of Costs: Foundations and New Directions

This volume explores, develops, and critiques the rich literature on costs, examining some of the many ways cost remains relevant in economic theory and practice.
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The Economics of Alfred Marshall


The posthumous last edition of Alfred Marshall's Principles of Economics appeared in 1920 — his final presentation of a course of thought of which successive editions during four decades had recorded the widening and deepening process.
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The Economics of Enterprise

계산과 지식기업가정신정치 이론

From the author: In questions of economic theory the writer conceives himself, as among his colleagues of the craft, to be in essentials rather a conservative than an innovator. The Socialists, indeed — with whom he disclaims all theoretical sympathies — seem to him to be the ultra-conservatives in...
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Economics for Real People

교육자본⦁이자 이론

Gene Callahan shows that good economics isn't about government planning or statistical models. It's about human beings and the choices they make in the real world.
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The Economics of Illusion

경기호황과 파열경기변동기타 학파

Hahn explodes many of Keynes's fallacies — and with great precision too, because, it turns out, Hahn himself once advanced these same fallacies before he saw their errors.
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Economics in One Lesson

자유시장오스트리안 경제학간섭주의

This is probably the most important economics book ever written, in the sense that it offers the greatest hope to educating everyone about the meaning of the science.
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