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Graduate Program

The Vision

A long-held vision of Ludwig von Mises, Hans F. Sennholz, and Murray N. Rothbard is now a reality.

Ludwig von Mises, with the help of Frederick Nymeyer, sought to realize this vision through the Liberal Institute at the University of Chicago only to learn that, while the university would gladly accept gifts toward creating the Institute, it would allow little or no control of the curriculum by the gift givers.

Hans Sennholz later pursued a similar quest hoping to create the American School of Economics, first through the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and, later, through Grove City College in western Pennsylvania.  All to no avail. 

Subsequently, Murray Rothbard attempted to sell the idea both to the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Their vision? A graduate school of Austrian economics.

Today, the Mises, Sennholz, and Rothbard aspirations are realized as the Mises Institute formally announces its graduate program in Austrian economics with online classes to begin in August 2020.

The Program

Throughout its nearly forty-year history, the Mises Institute has been focused on providing to students of other educational institutions support and excellent service that is personal, responsive, and geared toward assisting students in reaching their individual educational and career goals. Helping students discover the economics of freedom and inspiring them to go on to teach at the university level is and has been a priority for the Institute.  The Institute believes its foundational ideas are of permanent value and the Mises Institute will, for the first time, in the fall of 2020, begin offering Master of Arts degree and Certificate Programs in Austrian economics.

Both programs consist of thirty semester hours of the following coursework taught online by highly credentialed professors.

  • Microeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Quantitative Economics:  Uses and Limitations
  • Macroeconomics
  • History of Economic Thought I
  • History of Economic Thought II
  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • History of Economic Regulation and Financial Crises
  • Rothbard Graduate Seminar
  • Thesis Requirement​


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