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Walter Block

Works Published inQuarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

AwardsGary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Lifetime Defense of LibertyMurray N. Rothbard Medal of Freedom

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Walter Block is the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University, senior fellow of the Mises Institute, and regular columnist for 

You Didn’t Consent to Be the State’s Victim

Mises DailyJune 14, 2014
Defenders of government coercion often claim that residence within a state’s boundaries imply consent to be taxed and regulated by the state in question. While one can expect to be robbed by the state regardless of where one lives, this is not the same as consenting to be robbed...

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Walter Block: Libertarianism from A to Z

Mises DailyJune 27, 2014
Walter Block’s new book Toward a Libertarian Society covers a wide variety of topics from the death penalty to secession, and from war to macroeconomics...

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Comment on Canice Prendergast's A Theory of 'Yes Men.'

It is within the bowels of government where the real yes-men problem lies. Here, there is no automatic feedback mechanism of the market to rely upon, to quell any incipient tendencies in the direction of yes-manning.

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Property and Freedom: The Story of How Through the Centuries Private Ownership Has Promoted Liberty and the Rule of Law By Richard Pipes

Pipes does make a contribution to our appreciation for private property. It cannot be denied that the book starts out on a high plain. Certainly, Pipes is correct in locating the difficulties suffered by both Russia

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Comment on Dolan on Austrian Economics and Environmentalism

JournalsAugust 21, 2014
An expert in environmental economics, Dolan attempts to assess the Austrian contribution to this field. He finds it wanting. I must make the same assessment of Dolan. His misunderstanding of Austrian economics is only matched by his mischaracterization of free market environmentalism.

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