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Mike Reid

Mike Reid is primus inter pares at Invisible Order, a libertarian publishing-solutions company.

He also teaches anthropology at the University of Winnipeg.

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Capitalism as Epic Rap Battle

Mises DailyNovember 23, 2012
One of the strangest commercial successes to rise from YouTube is the <i>Epic Rap Battles of History</i>.

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Horrible Schools for the Whole World

Mises DailyOctober 12, 2012
Public education has been a slowly degenerating disaster throughout the West, and now it seems we're exporting it to the rest...

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One Race to School Them All

Mises DailySeptember 7, 2012
In Canada, the aim of the Indian residential schools was to "kill the Indian in the child."...

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The Voice of Tyranny

Mises DailyAugust 31, 2012
Those of us still possessed of our faculties of speech and writing might want to use them to communicate as vividly as we can.

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Respect Indigenous Property Rights

Mises DailyAugust 17, 2012
Property means autonomy. Authentic owners of private property are in it for the long run.

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