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Those Dirty, Rotten Taxes

Audio/VideoJanuary 8, 2009
Sponsored by the Mises Institute and held in Newport Beach, California; January 24-25, 1997.

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Resistance to Taxes: Then and Now

Audio/VideoDecember 20, 2008
1998 Mises Institute Supporters Summit, Palm Springs, California; February 27-28, 1998. [24:03]

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The Rocky Road of American Taxation

Mises DailyApril 15, 2006
No modern revolution was deeper rooted in taxation than the revolt of the Thirteen Colonies in British North America, writes Charles Adams.

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The Rich Won't Be Soaked

JournalsNovember 1, 2004
The middle classes have always been the only dependable source for taxes. If a government really wants revenue, that is where they have to go.

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2. The Bible's World of Taxes

Audio/VideoSeptember 6, 2004
Lecture 2 of 10 from Charles Adams' The Rosetta Stone to the US Code: A New History of Taxation ...

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