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Per L Bylund, PhD, is John F. Baugh Center Research Professor in the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University. Visit his website at

Afterword by Peter G. Klein

Austrian economists are justifiably proud of the rich heritage handed down by Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and their contemporaries, and Austrians are keenly interested in the origin and development of their ideas. An appreciation for history has led some modern economists, mistakenly, to see the Austrian tradition as static, rigid, and backward-looking, focused on the achievements of the past rather than discoveries and new developments.

11. Knowing and Entrepreneurship by Mateusz Machaj


10. Fiat Money and Government Deficits by Amadeus Gabriel

Scholars* of the Austrian tradition are particularly known for their important work in the field of monetary economics. They analyze the dynamics of fiat money and its impact on the real economy.

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