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Per L Bylund, PhD, is John F. Baugh Center Research Professor in the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University. Visit his website at

Sweden's Great Depression

JournalsSeptember 8, 2014
The Free Market 31, no. 11 (November 2013) During the recent financial crisis, Sweden has emerged as one of very few financially sound economies. The country’s strong position, setting it apart from Western nations, makes it an interesting example of what could—or should—have been...

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Review of Capital in Disequilibrium: The Role of Capital in a Changing World, 2nd ed., by Peter Lewin

Peter Lewin’s Capital in Disequilibrium is an award-winning, extensive survey of capital theory, which touches on and summarizes an array of issues and phenomena...

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The Division of Labor and the Firm: An Austrian Attempt at Explaining the Firm in the Market

This paper reviews Austrian approaches to the firm and drafts a theory that emphasizes the firm as a market phenomenon. Here the firm is a vehicle for imaginative entrepreneurs to create artificially high factor density,

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Knut Wicksell's Tribute to Menger

Wicksell's obituary of Carl Menger is here publised in English for the first time, thanks to the efforts of Per Bylund who translated it from the original Swedish...

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We Don’t Need “Animal Spirits” to Understand Economics

Mises DailyApril 3, 2014
Mainstream economics often invokes vague and unquantifiable concepts like animal spirits to explain how economies work.

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