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Ben O'Neill is a lecturer in statistics at the University of New South Wales (ADFA) in Canberra, Australia. He has formerly practiced as a lawyer and as a political adviser in Canberra.

Choice and Indifference: A Critique of the Strict Preference Approach

Institute Publications
We examine the strict preference approach to the interpretation of human action and the assertion that a choice cannot be made between actions in which the actor is indifferent to the outcomes.

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The NSA’s System of Secret Law

Mises DailyMarch 19, 2014
The US government exists in a precarious balancing act, play-acting that it is subject to the Rule of Law.

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How the NSA Made Your Legal Defense Illegal

Mises DailyMarch 7, 2014
The U.S government has deemed all evidence of spying to be Top Secret, and maintains it’s illegal for you to know about it or use it in court...

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FISA, the NSA, and America’s Secret Court System

Mises DailyFebruary 22, 2014
Surveillance programs by a secret court violates the requirement for “due process of law.”...

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Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Courts

Mises DailyFebruary 12, 2014
Not only are the NSA’s activities being scrutinized, but the court system of secret judicial rulings is being subjected to the light of day...

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