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Arthur A. Ekirch Jr.

Arthur A. Ekirch Jr. was a leading scholar of American intellectual history and professor emeritus of history at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany. Ekirch was a prolific author, writing 10 books, dozens of articles, and more than 100 book reviews. 

Democracy and Laissez-Faire: A New York Case Study

Mises DailySeptember 20, 2010
"Let the banks perish. … Now is the time for the complete emancipation of trade from legislative thralldom." William Leggett (1801–1839)...

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The Fresh Air following Revolution

Mises DailyJuly 7, 2010
The revolutions were not "against England per se, but against the oppressions of the state, dominated by the English government." Rothbard adds that they "failed largely because the domestic oligarchs were propped up and reimposed by the English power."...

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Man and Nature in America

BooksJune 16, 2009
Man and nature is the basic fundamental fact of history. The relationship is mutual and necessary.

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Harold J. Laski: The Liberal Manque or Lost Libertarian?

A generation after his death in 1950, Harold Laski, the eminent political scientist, socialist, and British Labour Party leader, is almost forgotten apart from an occasional monograph analyzing his political theories. Yet he remains significant and, rather paradoxically perhaps, his ideas are...

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The Reform Mentality, War, Peace, and the National State: From the progressives to Vietnam

That the modern reform mentality has been imbued with a statist philosophy leading to imperialism and war is perhaps no surprise to libertarians. They may not always be aware, however, of the extent to which a statist philosophy, vaguely Neo-Hegelian, has characterized both American reform...

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