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The MISEScreants podcast is an attempt at recording, sharing, and archiving the ongoing analytical dialogue of graduate education from the perspective of the Austrian school of economics. As Adam Martin and Daniel D'Amico participate in formal class work, seminars, paper workshops, and advance their own research agendas, they will post updated audio commentaries via Podcast technology. This page will host these audio files as well as an inclusive archive of all up to date episodes. The episodes will also be available via the mises.org podcast. For directions on setting your iTunes to update the mises podcasts click here.

Who are the MISEScreants?
Adam Martin is a first year PhD student in economics at George Mason University. He received a BA in Economics and Theology from the University of Dallas in 2004. His research interests include methodology, the history of economic thought, and interdisciplinary studies relating economics to ethics and Catholic social thought. He can be reached at amartini@gmu.edu.

Daniel J. D'Amico is a second year economics PhD student at George Mason Univeristy. His primary research interests are applied Austrian economics, prison services on the free market, emergent legal institutions, and anarcho-capitalist theorizing. He keeps a running blog at Austrian Addiction and can be reached at ddamico@gmu.edu.

Current Episodes:
Episode 1:  Dan D'Amico and Adam Martin interviewed by Jeff Tucker of the Mises Institute
The first was podcasted Friday September 2.  Each friday a new episode will be podcast and archived on this site.  

Episode 2: Dan and Adam get settled at George Mason.
They introduce the semster's class and seminar schedules, and discuss the philosophical distinctions between theory and reality by referencing Tyler Cowen's work on economic biography.

Episode 3: Writing tips and topics.
The MISEScreants recap secondhand advice they've received over the years in regards to successful writing and publishing techniques, then  introduce their own current writing topics and working papers.

Episode 4: A workshop and interview with Pete Leeson.
Pete Leeson recent GMU graduate returns home for a presentation of his paper on the Scientism of Science co-authored with Gene Callahan of LSE.

Episode 5:  An interview with Roderick Long.
Roderick Long professor at Auburn University talks philosophy, anarcho-capitalism, and updates on his think tank The Molinari Institute with the MISEScreants.

Episode 6: The Austrian Student Scholar's Conference.
Sorry about the long delay but this episode was worth the wait we think.  The MISEScreants hit the streets from Grove City PA and bring you interviews of Jeff Herbner, Peter Klein, and Grove City undergrad ASSC participants.

Extra Stuff:
Pictures from the initial recording as seen in the above header are also viewable at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

A sub forum has been set up for discussion, debate, and general questions regarding the podcast.

"I just finished listening to Episode 1 of Dan D'Amico and Adam Martin's "MISEScreants" project.  I think it's a fantastic idea, and any current undergrads interested in Austrian economics should definitely pay attention.  I am looking forward to future installments; in particular I am curious to see if the young lads' optimism and energy turn to despair and lethargy as dissertation time approaches."
Robert Murphy, Hillsdale College

"Technology was such that our "oral history" of the graduate school experience had to be saved in our brains and then reproduced on paper --- perhaps imperfectly.  But technology has progressed and two of my students at GMU -- Dan D'Amico and Adam Martin -- are starting a new podcast project entitled The MISEScreants...This promises to be an entertaining and provocative discussion by two very bright and insightful young scholars."
--Pete Boettke, George Mason Unviersity

Please feel free to email Adam or Dan with comments, suggestions, or questions about the show. Please include "The MISEScreants" as the subject line of your email.