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Ludwig von Mises: "In the capitalist society there is a place and bread for all. Its ability to expand provides sustenance for every worker. Permanent unemployment is not a feature of free capitalism." - Socialism

Quotable MisesThis database of quotations from Mises was prepared for The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton, available from the Mises Institute store for $20. Send corrections to the editor. Here is a source page on the editions of the books referenced.

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Folder America
Folder Animals
Folder Anti-Semitism
Folder AntiTrust Laws
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Folder Arts
Folder Austrian economists
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Folder Banking
Folder Barbarism
Folder Behaviorism
Folder Bhm-Bawerk, Eugen von
Folder Big Business
Folder Borders
Folder Bourgeoisie
Folder Bureaucracy
Folder Business Cycles
Folder Businessmen
Folder Capital
Folder Capitalism
Folder Capitalism vs. Socialism
Folder Cause and Effect
Folder Censorship
Folder Change
Folder Charity
Folder Chauvinism
Folder Choice
Folder Christianity
Folder Churchill, Winston
Folder Civil Service
Folder Civilization
Folder Class Mobility
Folder Classes
Folder Classical Liberalism
Folder Coercion
Folder Collectivism
Folder Colonialism
Folder Communism
Folder Competition
Folder Conflict
Folder Conscription
Folder Conservatism
Folder Constitutional Government
Folder Consumer
Folder Consumer Sovereignty
Folder Corruption
Folder Creativity
Folder Credit
Folder Creditors
Folder Culture
Folder Death
Folder Deficits
Folder Democracy
Folder Development
Folder Dictatorship
Folder Discrimination
Folder Division of Labor
Folder Drugs
Folder Econometrics
Folder Economic Calculation
Folder Economic Development
Folder Economic Progress
Folder Economics
Folder Economists
Folder Education
Folder Elections
Folder Entrepreneurs
Folder Environment
Folder Envy
Folder Equality
Folder Equilibrium
Folder Europe
Folder Exchange
Folder Expectations
Folder Experience
Folder Fairness
Folder Farm Programs
Folder Fate
Folder Federalism
Folder Feminism
Folder Fiat Money
Folder Foreign Aid
Folder Foreign Capital
Folder Foreign Exchange
Folder Free Market
Folder Free Trade
Folder Freedom
Folder Freedom of The Press
Folder Freedom of Thought
Folder Future
Folder Gandhi
Folder Genius
Folder God
Folder Gold Standard
Folder Good Government
Folder Good Will
Folder Government
Folder Gross National Product
Folder Groups
Folder Guns
Folder Happiness
Folder Health
Folder Historicism
Folder History
Folder Human Frailty
Folder Ideas
Folder Ideology
Folder Immigration
Folder Imperialism
Folder Individualism
Folder Industrial Revolution
Folder Infant Industries
Folder Inflation
Folder Instinct
Folder Intellectuals
Folder Interest rate
Folder International Law
Folder International Monetary Cooperation
Folder International Monetary Fund
Folder International Trade
Folder Interventionism
Folder Investment
Folder Judgment
Folder Justice
Folder Kant, Immanuel
Folder Keynes
Folder Knowledge
Folder Labor
Folder Laissez Faire
Folder Language
Folder Law
Folder Law of the Jungle
Folder Leisure
Folder Lenin
Folder Liberty
Folder Literature
Folder Logic
Folder LoopholeS
Folder Love
Folder Luxuries
Folder Majority Rule
Folder Market
Folder Market process
Folder Marriage
Folder Martyrdom
Folder Marxism
Folder Material Goods
Folder Material Well-Being
Folder Media
Folder Menger, Carl
Folder Metaphysics
Folder Migration
Folder Military
Folder Military Industrial Complex
Folder Mind
Folder Minorities
Folder Monetary Policy
Folder Money
Folder Money Supply
Folder Monopolies
Folder Mystery
Folder Nationalism
Folder Natural Sciences
Folder Nature
Folder Nazism
Folder New Deal
Folder Pacifism
Folder Patents
Folder Paternalism
Folder Patriotism
Folder Peace
Folder Perversity
Folder planned economy
Folder Plato
Folder Poetry
Folder Police Power
Folder Political Parties
Folder Politics
Folder Population
Folder Positivism
Folder Poverty
Folder Power
Folder Prejudice
Folder Price
Folder Price control
Folder Private Property
Folder Production
Folder Productivity
Folder Profit and Loss
Folder Profiteers
Folder Progress
Folder Progressives
Folder Prohibition
Folder Prosperity
Folder Prostitution
Folder Protectionism
Folder Public Debt
Folder Public Opinion
Folder Punishment
Folder Purchasing Power
Folder Races
Folder Railroads
Folder Rational Action
Folder Reality
Folder Reason
Folder Recovery
Folder Regularity
Folder Religion
Folder Retreatism
Folder Revolution
Folder Rich and Poor
Folder Risk
Folder Robinson, Joan
Folder Roman Empire
Folder Romanticism
Folder Rothbard, Murray
Folder Rule of Law
Folder Russia
Folder Russian Revolution
Folder Sanctions
Folder Savings
Folder Says Law
Folder Scarcity
Folder Schiller, Frederick
Folder Science
Folder Secession
Folder Security
Folder Self-Interest
Folder Sex
Folder Slavery
Folder Smith, Adam
Folder Social cooperation
Folder Social Mobility
Folder Social Planning
Folder Social Security
Folder Socialism
Folder Society
Folder Sound Money
Folder Sovereignty
Folder Speculation
Folder Spirit
Folder Sports
Folder Standard Of Living
Folder State
Folder Statistics
Folder Syndicalism
Folder Tariffs
Folder Taxes
Folder Technology
Folder Theory
Folder Time
Folder Tolerance
Folder Totalitarianism
Folder Treaty of Versailles
Folder Truth
Folder Tyranny
Folder Uncertainty
Folder Unemployment
Folder Unemployment Insurance
Folder Unions
Folder United Nations
Folder Utopians
Folder Value
Folder Wage Rates
Folder War and Peace
Folder wealth
Folder Welfare
Folder Western Civilization
Folder Work
Folder Workers
Folder Working Conditions
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