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Vladimir Menshikov

Vladimir Menshikov is a PhD student at the University of Turin.

The Essence of Keynesian Economics: A Critique

Audio/VideoApril 29, 2009
The Essence of Keynesian Economics: A Critique Wladimir Kraus ASC Panel: Rethinking the History of Economic Ideas

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Austrian Theory for Everyone

Mises DailyApril 8, 2009
One of our top priorities must be to get rid of a monetary system that contributes to artificial money creation and credit expansion and thus to recurring boom-bust episodes in production and employment.

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Government Produces Nothing, Ever

Mises DailyJune 12, 2007
Like any other consumer, the government must turn to the production process — that is, to producers — for its funds. But unlike ordinary consumers, who obtain their incomes through voluntary exchange, the government obtains its income by means of forcible taxation...

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The Irony of Monetary Policy

Mises DailySeptember 7, 2006
What needs to be understood clearly is the mischievous nature of the governmentally sheltered fractional-reserve banking system, which has always been at the root of the trade-cycle problem. In terms of the relative frequency of "boom-bust" cycles, we find ourselves precisely where we...

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The Fallacies of Underconsumptionism

Mises DailyJanuary 27, 2005
It is an error to believe that prosperity correlates directly and positively with consumption spending, writes Vlad Menshikov.

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