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John V. Denson is a practicing attorney in Alabama and an adjunct scholar at the Mises Institute. He is the editor of two books, The Costs of War and Reassessing the Presidency, and the author of A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt.

War: Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA

Audio/VideoJanuary 30, 2014
The Terence Murphree Lecture, presented at the 2012 Mises Institute Supporters Summit. Recorded at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, on 26 October 2012.

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The Christmas Truce of World War I

Mises DailyDecember 25, 2012
Never forget the Christmas Truce of World War I, when troops refused to be pawns of empire for one blessed day.

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The Costs of War: America's Pyrrhic Victories

BooksNovember 21, 2011
This book is one of the most significant ever written by Denson. It contains essays that have been turned into major movies and documentaries, and influenced politics in ways no one could have expected.

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Lincoln and Roosevelt: American Caesars

Mises DailyOctober 26, 2011
Americans will never reclaim the dream if presidents like Lincoln and Roosevelt are held up as examples of "great" presidents...

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The Birth of the Mises Institute

Audio/VideoOctober 14, 2011
Presented in Vienna, Austria, on 20 September 2011. Includes an introduction by Douglas E. French.

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