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LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973)
Chronological Bibliography

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality

If capitalism is the economic system best able to raise the prosperity of the masses, and in fact the only workable economic system, why are most contemporary intellectuals anti-capitalist? Mises here essays a brief psychological characterization of the opponents of free enterprise.

He stresses that under capitalism, one's economic position largely depends on one's ability to satisfy the needs of the mass of the consumers. Many, unable or unwilling to do so, prefer a society of status in which position depends on birth rather than individual responsibility.

Mises, although strongly critical of intellectuals, is no partisan of mass culture himself- he makes scathing observations on the low level of popular mentality, The great popularity of detective stories appears especially to disturb him. But it is capitalism that has done the most to remedy this situation through the mass distribution of works of high culture-great literary works in popular editions, records, art reproductions, etc.

Ludwig von Mises:
An Annotated Bibliography
David Gordon