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ALL THIS WEEK: Virtual Mises University

July 18, 2013

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Mises University or Virtual Mises University—the best of both worlds.

If you can’t come to Auburn to attend Mises University in person, watch it live on YouTube with VMU.

Virtual Mises University launched last year and was a huge success. This year, more than 50 lectures will be streamed live on YouTube for anyone to watch for free. These lectures will also be recorded and posted for viewing later at a time of your convenience.

We’ve recently expanded Virtual Mises University for those seeking more in-depth learning. By enrolling in VMU, besides watching the live lectures, you can:

  • Access a hyper-linked list of the assigned readings for the courses;
  • Download the same lecture slides and materials that on-site attendees receive throughout Mises University; and
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation by participating and discussing topics from the lectures with fellow virtual classmates in an Academic Forum.

Mises University is a unique opportunity for motivated students who think outside of the box to get answers their mainstream professors cannot provide. These students gather and interact and learn from the top Austrian economists in the field, as well as historians and libertarian thinkers. Students often remark on their MU evaluation forms that one of the greatest appeals of Mises University is the spirit and pursuit of truth. With VMU, you too can be a part of this pursuit of economic truth.

Thanks to the Mises Institute’s generous donors, we are able to offer VMU for only $25—less than 50 cents per lecture.

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