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Mises Made Easier
Percy L. Greaves Jr.


For those desiring further amplification of the subjects defined, frequent references are made to the pertinent pages in the writings of Mises, as well as in this authors recent book. The abbreviations for Mises' books, presently available in English, follow:

AC ?The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality (Van Nostrand, 1956; Libertarian Press, 1972)
AS ? The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics
(Auburn: Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1984)

B ?Bureaucracy (Yale, 1944; Arlington House, 1969)
EP ? Epistemological Problems of Economics (New York:
New York University Press, 1981)

FC ?The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth [Liberalism: The Classical
Tradition] (Irvington-on Hudson: Foundation For Economic Education, 1996)

HA? Human Action: A Treatise of Economics (Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1966)
M ? The Theory of Money and Credit. [Liberty Fund e-text Edition 2000] (Yale,
1953; Foundation for Economic Education,
OG?Omnipotent Government (Yale, 1944; Arlington House, 1969)
PF ?Planning for Freedom, 2nd ed. (Libertarian Press, 1962)
S ? Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. [Liberty Fund e-text
Edition 2000] (Yale, 1951; Jonathan Cape, 1969)
TH? Theory and History (Washington, D.C.: Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1985)
UF? The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science: An Essay on Method,
(Kansas City: Sheed, Andrews and McMeel, 1978).

The abbreviation used for the author's book is:

PLG?Understanding the Dollar Crisis (Western Islands, 1973)

Key To Other Abbreviations

e.g.?exempli gratia (Latin), for example.
et al?et alii (Latin), and others.
i.e.?id est (Latin), that is.
p. or pp.?page or pages.
q.v.?quod vide (Latin), which see.

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