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My Years with Ludwig von Mises

My Years with Ludwig von Mises

A moving account of her life with "Lu," from their first days in Vienna to his death in New York in 1973. The reader learns that Mises was a warm and gentle husband, in addition to being a great mind. The author reports interesting anecdotes on various encounters with famous economists and philosophers, both in Europe and the U.S. This is an intimate portrait no Mises admirer can be without.

She writes with disarming honesty about what it was like to be married to one of the century's great geniuses - and be involved in all aspects of his life. Mises himself was reticent to speak of his life, at least the personal aspects of it, so this first-hand account by his wife is indispensable, and an excellent piece of literature in its own right.

Margit was an amazing woman, and this is her thrilling memoire. You owe it to yourself to get to know her and her husband through her work.

The contents of this volume include:

  • 1. My Youth
  • 2. How We Met
  • 3. Life in Geneva
  • 4. Escape from Europe
  • 5. Our New Country
  • 6. Two Months in Mexico
  • 7. Life in New York
  • 8. The Story of Human Action
  • Illustrations
  • 9. Lu's Famous Seminar
  • 10. His Work and Influence
  • 11. Our Last Years Together
Publication Information New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House, 1976
Updated 12/22/2011