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Why Are Progressives Obsessed with the Transgender Policies at the College of the Ozarks?

Bureaucracy and RegulationU.S. History


Anyone considering going to the very conservative College of the Ozarks knows what he's getting into. Yet the Biden administration has launched a war on this tiny college in the name of "equality" for transgendered students who have no reason to ever set foot there.

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Why Is the French Government Running Off Foreign Investors?

Protectionism and Free Trade


Most people understand that it's a good thing when others invest money and capital in your community. But when Canadian investors offered to pour money into France as part of a deal to buy a French company, the regime said no thanks. 

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Why Economic Models Can't Provide a Realistic Picture of Human Behavior

Philosophy and Methodology


Mises: "The experience with which the sciences of human action have to deal is always an experience of complex phenomena. No laboratory experiments can be performed with regard to human action."

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Why Cause-of-Death Stats Aren't as Reliable as the CDC Wants You to Think

U.S. History


Like any other piece of aggregate government data, cause-of-death data is used to justify new government interventions and policies. But there are good reasons to suspect there are many problems in compiling and auditing this data.

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What Igbo Culture Teaches Us about Capitalism

World History


The Igbo ethnic group in Africa is known for entrepreneurship, economic success, and a high degree of individualism. The group's cultural background can help us understand how culture and capitalism reinforce each other. 

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Why the Misuse of the Word "Efficiency" Is Such a Problem

Value and Exchange


"Efficiency" has largely been demoted from a useful term of analysis and insight to little more than another warning that the government is about to rip you off with another redistribution scheme. 

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What Does "Seasonally Adjusted" Mean?

U.S. History


Without a coherent theory, it is not possible to begin to understand the causes of business cycle and no amount of data torturing by means of the most advanced mathematical methods will do the trick.

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Why Fungibility Is Important in Understanding Money and Crypto

Money and Banks


One of the most in-demand aspects of physical cash is that it is totally fungible. Every dollar is the same as every dollar. But cryptocurrencies can leave a digital trail which may lead to later problems in fungibility. 

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