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Controlling Missouri, Part 2: This Means War

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

Nathaniel Lyon declares war on the state of Missouri, and wages the first battle in the state.
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Controlling Missouri, Part 1: Nathaniel Lyon in St. Louis

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

Nathaniel Lyon, a notoriously harsh officer in the US army, is sent to St. Louis to ensure Missouri’s place in the Union.
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Can Deflation Fix the Damage Done by Inflation?

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


Deflation can never repair the damage of a prior inflation. It would be like running someone over with a car, and then trying to fix the situation by backing up over the person again.

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Can Government Make a Business Work "For The Good of Society"?

Big GovernmentLegal System


Rulings and regulations that force companies to keep unprofitable businesses operating "for the public good," are really a net loss for the public good.

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Can France Really Welcome All the World's Poor?

Cronyism and CorporatismLabor and WagesPoverty


The dominant immigration narrative in France ignores the importance of free trade, freedom in employment, and the importance of voluntary charity.

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Credit Expansion vs. Simple Inflation

The FedFinancial MarketsMoney and BanksHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

07/26/2018Mises Daily Articles
It's important to remember that the government can engage in credit expansion through many ways other than directly inflating the money supply.
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Capitalism: Why Chile Is So Much Richer than Venezuela


Chile has enjoyed strong growth since it shifted to freer markets, especially compared to Venezuela, which is burdened by a vicious form of statism.

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Charity Needs Markets

Philosophy and MethodologyPricesValue and Exchange

07/20/2018The Austrian
Even if everyone were totally charitable, we still could not build a complex economy without the price mechanism provided by markets.
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