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Socialism Cannot Work, Not Even in an AI-Driven Economy

Free MarketsSocialismMonopoly and Competition


Some are claiming that AI can make socialism workable, but even AI cannot take the place of entrepreneurial economic calculation.

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Striking Hollywood Actors and Writers Might Have to Get Used to Stagnant Wages


In this new age of decentralized and democratized content creation, union members' demands may simply be based on wishful thinking for a bygone era.

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Student's Favorite Moments from Tuesday at Mises U


Students share their experiences at Mises University.

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Shrinkflation and Skimpflation Are Eating Our Lunch

Economic PolicyInflationWorld History


Government statistics on inflation in the food sector have failed to account for skimpflation and shrinkflation.

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Social Justice and the Free-Rider Problem

Corporate WelfareCronyism and CorporatismTaxes and Spending


The political passion for "social justice" is creating a larger free-rider problem and a problem of injustice.

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States Can Curb Federal Power through "Soft Secession"

Decentralization and SecessionSecessionStrategyU.S. History


The use of interstate compacts by US states shows that the states don't need the federal government to dictate or manage interstate relations. 

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Sound Money Is Required for Real Budget Discipline

Big GovernmentThe FedInflationMoney and BanksPolitics


The usual suspects are "relieved" that Congress gave President Biden what he wanted on the so-called budget deal. Without sound money, however, the borrowing and spending regime will collapse sooner or later.

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Socialists Should Support Government Default: Their Forebears Certainly Did

Economic PolicySocialismTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy


Socialists like Bernie Sanders and the editors of Jacobin have decried the possible US government debt default. Marx and Lenin would have vociferously disagreed.

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