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Paranoia about American Weakness Rests on a Flawed Understanding of History

U.S. HistoryWorld History


Victor Davis Hanson's cartoonish conception of how foreign states act is not supported by history and contributes to the US government’s insane defense expenditures and destructive crusades around the globe. 

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Pandemics, Infection, and Libertarianism

HealthProperty Rights


When we think in terms of the foundational law of property, it's clear that broad charges of aggression through infection are spurious at best.

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Private Investment Is the Answer to Declining Postindustrial Towns

Free MarketsProperty RightsU.S. History


Many people want the state to take the lead in revitalizing run-down towns. How does this make sense, when it is private industry that conceived these towns in the first place?

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Portrait of an Evil Man: Karl Marx

World HistoryOther Schools of Thought

Destructive ideas almost unavoidably derive from a destructive and—in the case of Marxism—rather repulsive person.

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Paying People Not to Work Won't Make Us Richer

U.S. Economy


When the government pays people not to work, that means fewer people producing fewer goods. And that means a poorer society. More government spending won't change this fact. 

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Privatize the Police

The Police StatePrivate Property


One big problem a government police force must always face is: What laws really to enforce? Police departments are theoretically faced with the absolute injunction, “enforce all laws,” but in practice scarcity means only some laws are enforced. Which ones?

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People Change Their Minds. That Doesn't Make Them Irrational.

SubjectivismValue and Exchange


Human beings do not have constant value scales, but change their goals constantly as the world around them changes. This habit of changing goals does not make a consumer "irrational."

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Private Security Isn't Enough: Why America Needs Militias

War and Foreign Policy


Private security tends to provide its services to the highest bidder. And you know that almost always ends up being the regime itself. Corn farmers just can’t cut the same kinds of checks that tax farmers can.

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