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China Needs to Pop Its Property Bubble

Global Economy


Is China's property bubble signaling a crisis? The current property market turmoil originates in regulatory action to reduce financial leverage and it may not lead to a full-fledged financial meltdown.

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Can Government Successfully Counter Recessions Through Expansionary Policies? Don't Count on It

Booms and BustsCentral BanksKeynesTaxes and SpendingBusiness CyclesInterventionism


Keynesian orthodoxy claims government can successfully counter recession through "expansionary" policies. To the contrary, these policies increase the danger to the economy.

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Canada and the West Become States of Unfreedom

Big GovernmentThe Police State


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's heavy-handed crackdown on the protesting truckers and their supporters has exposed a larger agenda of illiberalism by Western governments.

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Canada's Freezing of Protesters' Finances Shows How the "War on Cash" Ends.


Canada is now freezing the assets of people who dare to protest government power. When the government controls the money and the financial system, human rights mean very little.

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Cancel the Mandates, Leave the Workers Alone


Some of the government authoritarians in Ottawa and DC may think they have the upper hand at the moment. As usual, government authoritarians are very shortsighted.

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Cold War Thinking Isn't Working

War and Foreign Policy


Sticking to Cold War–era assumptions is a recipe for a suboptimal foreign policy, which could increase the probability of the US stumbling into a disastrous war of choice.

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Capital versus Labor: The Great Decoupling

Labor and Wages

Opponents of markets claim that worker wages have not kept up with worker productivity. This incorrect claim is based on two mistakes in estimating wages. 

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Canada Nice No Longer: Trudeau's Totalitarian Response to Trucker Protests

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Police State


In 2020, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed alarm that the Trump administration might put down violent protests in US cities. In 2022, he decides a heavy-handed response to peaceful protests is justified.

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