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Biden's Economic Team Predicts Long-Term Slow Growth

U.S. Economy


Stagnation is real, but it isn’t “secular”—that is, sluggish growth doesn’t have to happen. The coming stagnation isn’t foreordained; it is simply the inevitable outcome of a progressive agenda that disdains free enterprise. 

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Beyond the Fed: "Shadow Banking" and the Global Market for Dollars

Money and Banking


Although it conjures up scary imagery, shadow banking is simply a term for banking operations that occur through financial intermediaries that are not traditional commercial banks.

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Biden Wants To Seize Control of Local Land-Use Regulations

Bureaucracy and RegulationDecentralization and SecessionU.S. History


Empowering state legislatures—or worse, the federal government—to abolish local regulations would be a grave mistake. 

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Bitcoin's El Salvador Option

BitcoinMonetary Theory

If Bukele really wants monetary freedom for El Salvador, he should not have presented them with what, effectively, is a government handout for bitcoin hodlers and the companies behind the Strike app and other potential intermediaries.

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Biden’s Budget Plan: Weaker Growth and Fewer Jobs

Global Economy


When you copy the European Union, you also should know you will get European Union–style lack of growth and job creation.

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Biden's Jobs Plan: More Government Jobs Won't Fix the Economy

Taxes and Spending


Government jobs may help reduce the official unemployment rate, but they actually damage the economy. After all, most government workers are employed in the business of redistributing wealth and regulating private property. 

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Biden Wants a Global Minimum Tax to Offset His Proposed Huge Corporate Tax Increase

Taxes and Spending


Raising the US corporate tax would drive more capital out of the US. But the tax hike will be less risky if the US can get other countries to raise their tax rates as well. 

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Boom to Bust: How Inflation Turns into Deflation

Money and Banking


Seemingly endless amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus will keep prices rising in the near term. But if the banking sector and other bubble industries weaken, we will eventually see deflation as new loan activity lessens. 

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