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Understanding the European Crisis: Interview with Václav Klaus

Free MarketsKeynesProgressivismWorld History


Europe is in crisis, thanks to its progressive leadership. Václav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic, points out the problems and offers a remedy: free markets.

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Unscrambling Socialism from Our Economic Order: Wisdom from Leonard Read

Free MarketsSocialism


Leonard Read had much to say about how socialism already was entangled in our economic and social order.

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US Household Saving Rate Vanishes, Credit Card Debt Soars

Money and Banks


The United States economy may have delivered no growth in the first half of 2022 after the decline in the first quarter, narrowly avoiding a technical recession.

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Uvalde's Biggest Mistake Was Trusting the Police to "Keep Us Safe"

U.S. History


Knee-jerk support for the police helps gun control advocates by undermining the most fundamental reason for gun ownership: the government's armed enforcers won't keep us safe and are likely to abuse their power. 

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Understanding Russia's War: The Strange Philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin

DemocracyWar and Foreign Policy


Trying to interpret the actions of Vladimir Putin or politics in Russia using Western narratives is likely to end in failure.

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Understanding How Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates Work

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMonetary Theory


Popular commentators and politicians often express loud opinions about exchange rates and balance of payments. As Dr. Frank Shostak writes, the facts differ widely from popular perception.

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Urban Supremacy and the Dismantling of Rural Communities

AntipoliticsDecentralization and Secession


The covid-19 lockdowns not only destroyed businesses, but also destroyed the sense of community in small towns and rural areas.

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Ukraine's Regime Is Now Kidnapping Fathers for Military "Service"

War and Foreign Policy


The Ukrainian regime thinks it knows better than husbands and fathers when it comes to caring for their families. But no bureaucrat ought to be allowed to make such a decision. 

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