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No, Inflation Is Not "Transitory," and It Is Worse than the Government Admits

Central BanksInflationMonetary Theory


Current rates of inflation are worse than what the government claims. Not surprisingly, the government gains when people are fooled.

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No, the US Supreme Court Is Not a Meritocracy

Big GovernmentLaw


Pundits demand that US Supreme Court nominees be the "best and brightest" jurists. However, SCOTUS appointments have been and always will be purely political.

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New York State Has Imposed New Covid Rituals. This Time There's Some Resistance.

Bureaucracy and Regulation


With new mask and vaccine mandates, New York's Governor Kathy Hochul has reaffirmed the state’s status as the nation’s most zealous practitioner of covid cultism.

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No, Sen. Warren, Greed Is Not Causing Inflation

U.S. Economy


If evil corporations are to blame for rising prices in 2021, as Elizabeth Warren says, I imagine that they were magnanimous and generous corporations when there was low or no inflation, right?

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Nirvana Economics: How Treating the Real World like an Imaginary Ideal World Leads to Trouble

Bureaucracy and Regulation


A lot of economic policy is based on "economics" which makes assumptions that have very little to do with actual reality.

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No, Inflation Is Not Good for You

Money and Banks


According to the Marxists and their fellow travelers, inflation is good because it transfers wealth from creditors to debtors, and debtors are "the 99 percent." But inflation doesn't work that way.  

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Nullification Works: Republicans Look to Legalize Marijuana as States Ignore Federal Drug War

Decentralization and Secession


The ongoing success of the cannabis nullification effort has shown the uselessness of those who repeatedly chant slogans about “federal supremacy” and “If you don’t like the (federal) law, change it.”

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No, Healthcare Is Not a Communal Resource



Supporters of vaccine mandates are pushing the idea that healthcare is a communal resource. This idea allows them to make false moral claims about how everyone owes it to "society" to get vaccinated.

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