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Inflation-Loving Governments Are Now Blaming Private Businesses for Inflation

Money and Banks


As inflation becomes more obvious, governments will be blaming businesses for causing the inflation that policymakers have fueled. This is a step on the way to price controls. 

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Is an Educated Population Really Necessary for Innovation and Growth?



The example of England in the Industrial Revolution suggests enormous amounts of innovation and growth can be achieved even without high levels of education among the general population. 

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In Defense of the Speculator

Booms and Busts


It will come as yesterday's news that the speculator is perennially under attack by the social justice warriors. Yet speculators serve a crucial and valuable role in surviving economic disasters. 

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Is Self-Ownership Necessary?

Philosophy and Methodology


Isn’t a principle of nonaggression against others another way of stating the self-ownership principle? "Not necessarily," says the insightful philosopher Chandran Kukathas.

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Is California an Economic Paradise? Paul Krugman Thinks So


The people who really run California aren't going anywhere. Even if California voters throw out Newsom very little will change in state government. 

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Inflation's Assault on the Family

U.S. Economy


In the era of global lockdowns, we've seen increasing supplies of money, decreasing supplies of goods, and governments financing their citizens to forgo work and stay home. The resulting price inflation should surprise no one. 

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It’s Time to Abolish the Capital Gains Tax

U.S. Economy


The capital gains tax cuts off start-ups and smaller entrepreneurs from access to flows of capital. The tax makes society more wasteful, less innovative, and less dynamic.

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Investors Are on the Lookout for a Crash. But Prices Keep Going Up.

Booms and Busts


With such a messed-up economy, why is it still hard to spot a bust on the horizon?

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