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Will Dollarization Work in Argentina?

Economic PolicyGlobal EconomyInflationMonetary PolicySocialism

Javier Milei has promised to make the US dollar Argentina's currency if he is elected. Whether it will help the Argentine economy is another matter.

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Why the Fed's Tight Rate Stance Damages the Economy

InflationMonetary PolicyU.S. EconomyGold Standard


In the wake of bad news on inflation, the Federal Reserve is pushing up interest rates. However, a Fed-induced higher rate is not the same as an interest rate decided by the market.

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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century American Bankruptcy Show

Booms and BustsCronyism and CorporatismThe FedU.S. Economy


As the US economy sours, look for a wave of new bankruptcies. The Fed cannot pull any rabbits out of its monetary hat this time.

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Would You Hire an AI-powered McRobot or a Human Employee?

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyLabor and Wages


The decision to use artificial intelligence–powered robots in the fast food industry depends upon differences in costs and performance between humans and robots. State minimum wage laws are pushing the industry toward robots.

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Will the BRICS Dethrone the U.S. Dollar?

Money and Banks


Most BRICS currencies are weak and getting weaker, and creating a new joint  "BRICS currency" won't solve the problem.  Joining together a bunch of weak currencies does not somehow create a strong currency.

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Why Stabilization Policy is Destabilizing

The FedInflationMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


The call for "price stabilization" was part of the recent Republican debate. Despite its attractive appearance, having the Fed try to "stabilize prices" is a very bad idea.

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Why the "Just Wage" Theory Doesn't Make Much Sense

Labor and Wages


Just-wage theory tells us that an employer cannot reduce his workers' wages below some presumed "cost of living." Yet, that same employer can be permitted to reduce the worker's wage to zero if the worker has been replaced by a machine. 

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Why Governments Love Political "Crimes" Like Treason and Sedition

U.S. HistoryWorld History


In a free society, political crimes like treason and "seditious libel" are few and far between. Under despotic regimes, on the other hand, political crimes multiply. 

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