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An Age of Liberty in the Polish Commonwealth

AntipoliticsDecentralization and SecessionEconomic FreedomWorld History


For more than a century, the union of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania made possible one of the most liberal societies to date. The commonwealth left much to emulate.

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Another Recession Sign: Part-Time Work Is Growing Faster than Full-Time Work

Money and BanksU.S. History


A shift from full-time-driven employment to part-time-driven employment is usually an indicator of a coming recession. That shift happened in January's jobs numbers. 

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Argentina and Brazil Look to Establish a Common Currency

Cronyism and CorporatismMonetary PolicyProtectionism and Free Trade


Two nations famous for hyperinflation now look to create a common currency. Unless that currency is gold, this is a bad idea.

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Against All Odds, Chinese Entrepreneurs Succeed around the World

The EntrepreneurWorld HistoryEntrepreneurship


Hindered by government in their home country, Chinese entrepreneurs have excelled overseas.

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Australia: The Nation Founded by British Convicts Embraced Entrepreneurship

Free MarketsWorld HistoryEntrepreneurship


Australia is famous for its laid-back culture and for being founded by convicts from Great Britain. It also should be famous for its embrace of entrepreneurship.

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America, Brazil, and the Illegitimacy of Weaponized Democracy

Legal SystemStrategy


The similar challenges facing America and Brazil, including concerns about the state of their democracies, is worthy of exploration, as is the global response to the protest and what that response means for those opposed to the current “neoliberal” international order.

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A Short Essay on Sound Monetary Policy

Money and BanksGold StandardMonetary Theory


In a market economy, gold is sound money. There is no need for monetary authorities when gold rules.

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Again the Government Is Taking Antitrust Action against Microsoft. Again This Is Wrong.

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyFree Markets


The Federal Trade Commission seeks an anti-trust judgment against Microsoft for its move to acquire Activision. Like all other anti-trust action, this one has no economic merits.

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