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Will the Feds Try Price Controls to "Fix" Price Inflation?

Booms and Busts


We may be told price controls are a temporary necessity, as in 1971 under Nixon. But one thing is certain: price controls will do nothing to resolve the issues underlying the inflation.

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Why Europe's Highly Regulated Power Market Is So Bad for Growth

Global Economy


In Europe, there is no competitive market for electrical power. And since power is an important factor of production, it also means the overall marketplace is wasteful, inefficient, and sluggish. 

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Why Africa's Geography Is a Barrier to Growth


Though the plague of an inhospitable geography is not an insurmountable obstacle to development, it remains crucial to understanding disparities in income across countries. 

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With Home Prices Soaring, Shoppers Fear Buying at the Top of a Bubble

Booms and Busts


The concerns about a bubble implies those shopping for a new home are wondering if they are walking into a trap. Home prices have soared and no one wants to buy at the top. 

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What Happens When the State Has Power over Adoption Agencies

U.S. History


Local governments now control child adoption in America. A recent Supreme Court ruling highlights just how political and capricious local officials can be in exercising this power. 

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Why Producer Prices (Like Lumber Prices) Are Rising Faster Than the CPI


Why have prices of building materials soared while consumer prices are relatively stable? This is easier to understand once we reject the myth of monetary neutrality and see how price inflation enters the market in different ways. 

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Why Aren't There More Free Market Surgery Centers and Clinics?

Cronyism and CorporatismHealth


Just over twenty-four years ago the Surgery Center of Oklahoma began with a simple mission: deliver the highest quality of care at a reasonable and posted price. They've since faced many obstacles from Uncle Sam and his healthcare cronies.

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Why Biden Wants a Cap on State and Local Tax Deductions

Taxes and Spending


The SALT tax deduction allows state and local taxes—like property taxes—to be deducted from federal taxes. To cap it is to pave the way for the federal government to tax income twice.

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