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Managing Money Is as Important as Making It: The Sad Case of Athletes Going Broke

StrategyTaxes and SpendingEntrepreneurship


The recent case of retired megastar Usain Bolt losing millions of dollars to bad investments highlights the importance of sound money management.

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More Recession Signs: Money Supply Growth Went Negative Again in December

Money Supply


The fact the money supply is actually shrinking serves as just one more indicator that the so-called soft landing promised by the Federal Reserve is unlikely to be a reality. 

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Make No Mistake, War Hawk American Policy Helped Start This War in Ukraine

ProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


When the Soviet Union collapsed more than thirty years ago, US and European political elites sought to isolate and threaten Russia. The result has been war, destruction, and death, none of it necessary.

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Micronations in International Law: How US Policy Could Improve the Fortunes of Upstart Libertarian Countries

Decentralization and SecessionSecession


Breakaway groups are forming micronations to become free of stultifying governments. This trend certainly will continue.

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Money-Supply Growth Turns Negative for First Time in Twenty-Eight Years

Money Supply


We're now seeing the first time the money supply has actually contracted since the 1990s. The last time the year-over-year change in the money supply slipped into negative territory was in November of 1994.

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Money Supply Growth in October Fell to a 39-Month Low. A Recession Is Now Almost Guaranteed.

U.S. Economy


Money supply growth slowed even more in October, and is now back to levels we last saw during the repo liquidity crunch of 2019, and in the days right before the 2007–09 recession. 

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