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Vilfredo Pareto, Pessimistic Follower of Molinari

World History


Expanding mass support for socialism in the 1890s put a rude end to the optimism of laissez-faire liberals. Many saw that the twentieth century would put an end to the great civilization that had been the product of nineteenth-century liberalism. 

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Voting with Their Feet: The Lure of Migration

Free MarketsImmigrationPaternalismPhilosophyStrategy


People migrate for many reasons, including moving to a better economy and escaping political persecution. But one thing is certain: people are going to vote with their feet.

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Voters Hate CBDCs. Why Do Governments Keep Pushing Them?

PoliticsThe Police StateMoney and Banking


Why do governments keep pushing CBDCs when voters hate them? Simple: CBDCs are irresistible to governments, who would dearly love to monitor and control every dollar you spend and every word you speak.

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Volcker and the Great Inflation: Reflections for 2022


Volcker’s victory over runaway inflation was not permanent, because the temptation for central banks toward excessive printing, monetization of government deficits, and levying inflation taxes is permanent.

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Vietnam Should Have Been the End of US Foreign Intervention. It Wasn't, and the World Is Worse Off

War and Foreign Policy


Remember "the lessons of Vietnam"? For all of the talk in Washington of avoiding similar conflicts in the future, US policy has been to intervene even more aggressively than it did pre-Vietnam.

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Vaccine Mandates and the Great Resignation: The Media Pretends There's No Connection

U.S. History


I don't know how much vaccine mandates have played a role in the massive exodus from the workforce, but I do know it's important to consider the possibility that the two are correlated. 

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Venezuelans Turn to Gold Nuggets as the Local Currency Implodes


In one region of Venezuela, gold flakes have become the currency of choice in the region, with prices for commodities and services quoted in grams of gold.

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Vaccinate for Global Democracy? The US Empire Turns Therapeutic

HealthWar and Foreign Policy


Instead of spreading “democracy” by bombing foreign nations, America will be spreading “health” by delivering vaccines produced by untouchable pharmaceutical conglomerates.

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