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The Fate or Wealth of Nations: AI, Robotics and Automation

The EntrepreneurStrategyU.S. Economy


The AI and robotics revolution continues. As entrepreneurs find new ways to use these things profitably, the overall wealth of nations increases.

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The White House, the Fed, and the Economy: Mises Circle in Fort Myers, FL


Join Bob Murphy, Patrick Newman, Jonathan Newman, and Murray Sabrin in Florida this November.

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The Parasitic Rich Men North of Richmond

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareCronyism and CorporatismMedia and Culture


Oliver Anthony's popular song, "Rich Men North of Richmond," describes the parasitic world of the Beltway. One hopes people understand the damage the political classes have done.

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Thinking outside the State

AntipoliticsLibertarianismMedia and Culture


Modern minds are so oriented toward state power that people often fail to understand there is a better way. Instead of “thinking outside the box,” we should think outside the state.

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The Objective Science of Subjective Value

Austrian Economics OverviewOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivism


While most economists admit that value is subjective, they still err by concentrating on scarcity and choice instead of purposeful action by individuals.

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Thanks to the Combination of the Fed and IP, Snow White 2024 Is a Terrible Movie

The FedLawMedia and Culture


Because Federal Reserve policies distort the economy and create perverse incentives, Disney also must deal with intellectual property issues. The combination of the two will ruin the Snow White story.

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Two Swedes on the New Economics Nobel

Media and CulturePhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Two Austrian economists from Sweden provide commentary on the Swedish central bank's choice for this year's economics Nobel Prize.

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