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How Governments Seized Control of Money

Money and BanksWorld History

Blog9 hours ago

It took many centuries for regimes to secure the sort of prestige and power necessary to claim a monopoly over money. From the state's perspective, it has been worth it. 

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Africa's Long History of Trade and Markets

World History

Blog10 hours ago

Capitalism is not a "legacy of colonialism" in Africa. In fact, markets and interregional trade have long been practiced on the continent. And markets today are still the answer to raising standards of living.

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Elizabeth Warren Is So Very Wrong about Inflation

Money and BanksU.S. Economy


Elizabeth Warren has pronounced her verdict on higher food and gasoline prices: they are nothing less than the result of corporate greed. In fact, there is no inflation, only corporations arbitrarily raising prices.

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Understanding Why Government Policies Fail


Gary Galles has in this outstanding book shown how to apply basic economic principles: he can convey free market principles in a simple and memorable way; and he also has a detailed knowledge of the policies he analyzes.

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A Chance to Double Your Gift


The Mises Institute is the life-support system for the worldwide liberty movement. Your gift is vital for us to do more!

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We've Only Just Begun to See the Benefits of the New Surge in Homeschooling


For decades, countless parents have been on autopilot when it comes to letting the state manage their child's education. But over the past two years, millions of parents have begun to take control.

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The Rise of the Sovereign State

The first myth one has to debunk: that the state is merely a natural and organic outgrowth of political power, as old as the history of mankind or of organized society.

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The Bank of Canada's Failed Mission to "Preserve the Value of Money"

Money and Banks


The Bank of Canada's stated mission is "to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low and stable." Yet, the BOC works to inflate away the value of Canadians' purchasing power every single day.

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