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Why Today's Abusers of the Scientific Method Are So Dangerous



It is, ironically, antiscience to ever declare that science is settled. Since man is not omniscient, the future will forever remain unknown, and more data can always falsify current scientific laws.

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Why Worrying about Everything Is Bad Foreign Policy


Overestimating foreign "threats" is a threat in itself. It invites wasteful spending while provoking "enemies" who would not have been rivals otherwise. John Mueller explains in his new book.

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Why Does Money Have Value? Not Because the Government Says It Does.

Money and Banks


Why do individuals desire to have money, which cannot be consumed and produces nothing? To provide an answer to this one must go back in time to establish how money emerged.

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Why Americans Would Benefit from a Government Default

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


With default we restore trillions to the private sector and permanently reduce government’s ability to hog the resources we need to maintain prosperity. 

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Why Businessmen Make Such Unimpressive Politicians

U.S. History


The fact a politician may have prior experience as a "savvy businessman" is irrelevant to the business of the state. States are nothing like private sector businesses, and business skills mean little. 

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Without Lockdowns, Sweden Had Fewer Excess Deaths Than Most of Europe


Although the experts assured us Sweden would experience a disaster and a bloodbath without covid lockdowns, the Nordic nation has fared better than Europe on excess deaths. 

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Why Everyone Should Read These Two Essays by Ludwig von Mises

Austrian Economics OverviewInterventionism


The public must come to a fuller understanding that without private property there is no liberty; that there is no safe middle of the road; and that we citizens are engaged in a constant struggle with government over how much of our own property, and of the fruits of our own labor, we will be...

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Why Bureaucrats Are Sitting on So Much Money-Losing Real Estate

U.S. Economy


The Feds are sitting on a huge pile of decaying buildings. A private business would sell these off, but this task is apparently too difficult for federal bureaucrats. 

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