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What the Covid Vaccine Hype Fails to Mention



If there were a reduction in mortality from these vaccines, that information would be in the first paragraph of the announcement. But it's not there, which suggests the vaccines aren't as effective as claimed. 

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What Chile’s Vote to Change Its Constitution Means for Its Future

Economic FreedomWorld History


In recent decades, Chile set itself apart from the rest of Latin America with successful market reforms and a stable political system. Average Chileans prospered. But now that's all at risk. 

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Why We Need a Free Market in Money

InflationMoney and BanksGold Standard


A free market in money means real freedom to choose what money we use.  This may mean people turn to gold and silver. Or they may turn to crypto. What's important is that it's market-based money. 

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Why Legal Kratom May Face a Battle with Drug Companies

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealth


In a classic "bootleggers and baptists" scenario, it looks like pharmaceutical companies are calling for greater regulation of kratom, which is viewed a potential competitor to patented drugs. 

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Why Is the Fed So Afraid of Judy Shelton?


A single vote on the Fed's policymaking committees wouldn't make any real difference. On the other hand, the Fed will brook no dissent from the official media and academic narrative. 

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With a Biden Win, The War Party Will Be Back in Full Force

War and Foreign Policy


“What is the one thing that brings Republicans and Democrats together?” Rand Paul asked reporters. “War—they love it."

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While Household Income Falls, Central Bankers Are Pushing for Higher Prices


The fact that prices are rising in a pandemic crisis is not a sign of success. It is evidence of central bankers' miserable failure and hurts every consumer who has seen revenues collapse by 10 or 20 percent.

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Why GDP Can't Measure the Quality of Life

Philosophy and Methodology


GDP fails to account for many measures of quality of life, such as personal safety, the local climate, leisure time, and more.

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