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This Time Is Not Different: More Debt, Less Growth

Money and Banking


There is only one way to strengthen the recovery: To reduce structural imbalances by regaining budgetary sanity and implementing serious measures to attract capital. To fall back into propagandistic optimism would be a mistake.

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The Capitol Riot Wasn’t a Coup. It Wasn't Even Close.

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


Coups are nearly always acts committed by elites against the sitting executive power using the tools of the elites. It's clear the elites want Trump gone, and Wednesday's riot was no coup. 

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The Family Fades as Governments Subsidize Daycares and Nursing Homes

EducationMedia and CulturePaternalism


By supplanting the family in caring for the young and the old, not only does the state increase the role it plays in society here and now, it also erodes the competency of the family in the long term. 

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The Covid Depression and "Food Insecurity"

U.S. Economy


Despite the welfare state, hunger is no longer a widespread problem in America. But to keep the narrative going, “hunger” officially became “food insecurity.”

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The Yellen-Akerlof Connection Isn't Good News for the Treasury

Money and Banks


Phishing for Phools provides confusion, and few benefits that go beyond age-old warnings to “be careful, someone might try to take advantage of you.” Many consumer advocates offer far more practical help.

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There Ain't No Success like Failure

Cronyism and CorporatismDemocracyStrategy


Do we support the “occupation” of the Senate Chamber as an expression of righteous anger over the feeling that the election was stolen? Not really, because it will not achieve anything.

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The Problems with Marx's Dialectic

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


The Marxist dialectic was purported to explain every development in Soviet society. But so much wishful thinking was required that eventually it all just became a subject for jokes.

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The Betrayal of the Canadian Liberals

World History


The Canadian Liberal Party began as a party of classical liberalism, radically supportive of freedom and free markets. But those days are long over.

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