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Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden: The Man versus the State

Media and Culture


The Italian film director Pietro Marcello brings us a film that visibly moves the needle toward individualism and against collectivism in all its various manifestations.

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Pelosi's "Mandate": What "Consent of the Governed" Really Means



What does "the consent of the governed" mean? In 2020, 53 percent of US residents either voted for someone other than Trump or Biden, or didn’t vote at all. It also means about 75 percent of the population did not vote for Biden. 

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Privacy, Power, Fiscal Policy, the Poor: Four Reasons to Worry about CBDCs

Central BanksMoney and Banks


Central bank digital currencies need to be centralized and manipulable to some extent in order to use them to implement monetary policy, which is central bankers' goal. This characteristic makes them a very risky proposition.

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Pandemics Are Over When the Public Decides They're Over


Government bureaucrats have their own standards for declaring when a pandemic has "officially" ended. But the de facto ending comes when the public stops paying attention. 

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Preelection Survey: What Is This Election About?


In this timely series, several Mises Institute scholars and writers come together to discuss the themes running through the 2020 election race and the most important policy issues for the American presidency.

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Populism Worked for the Pro-Freedom Party in the Past. Can It Work Again?



Is it still possible to "rouse the masses of people against the elites that are looting them" in effective numbers? As late as 1992, Rothbard thought so. And he had historical examples on his side. 

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President Pence and VP Harris? It Could Happen.

Political Theory


Here's one scenario the markets perhaps have yet to consider. Thanks to the Twentieth Amendment, it's possible to end up with Pence winning the White House and Harris becoming VP. 

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Pope Francis's Latest Attack on Property: It's a "Secondary Right"

Private Property


The pope doesn't understand that it is the protection of property rights that secures the common good.

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