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Can Las Vegas Recover from Covid?

Booms and Busts


In Las Vegas, airline passengers plummeted 64 percent during 2020, and the convention business has collapsed. For Vegas, there are troubling signs that the world is not in a hurry to spend freely on extravagant face-to-face meetings. 

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Colonies Compared: Why British Colonies Were More Economically Successful

World History


The fact that colonial empires often differ significantly in their outcomes can serve to provide us with insights into what sorts of government policies are the most and least harmful.

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Central Planning by Business Is Not the Same as Central Planning by Government



Electing better planners won't make socialism work. Central planning fails because planning without the feedback mechanisms of the market is an impossible task.

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Crying Wolf on (Hyper)Inflation?



In the early years of QE, many economists warned that the Fed’s unprecedented monetary inflation would cause a significant increase in consumer prices. In this chapter, we’ll assess several popular explanations for why the Fed’s monetary inflation since 2008 hasn’t generated a comparable...

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China's Monetary Tradition and the Origins of Money

Money and Banking


China was one of the first countries to develop a metallic money that was valued and exchanged by weight. Evidence suggests that this monetary regime originated during the Shang Dynasty (1766–1122 BC). 

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Commercial Real Estate: Too Much Debt, Not Enough Assets

Financial MarketsU.S. Economy


It’s possible the pandemic will fizzle, someone will snap their fingers, and everything will revert to the precovid economy. But indications are that commercial real estate will take lumps, some that will be fatal. 

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Capital and Labor Both Suffer under Minimum Wage Mandates

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Rising unemployment is just one outcome of minimum wage mandates. Capital accumulation and labor productivity will also be hurt. 

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China Needs More Economic Freedom—Not a Bigger Welfare State

Global EconomyMoney and Banking


Mainstream economists claim China needs more consumption and a bigger welfare state. They think China's high savings rate is a bad thing. These economists are wrong. 

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