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Are Robots and AI Really Going to Displace All Workers? Probably Not

CapitalismFree MarketsStrategy


As fear that robots and artificial intelligence will take over whole lines of work, it is time to examine the real relationship between capital and the rest of us.

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About That Nobel: Deconstructing Banking Theories of Diamond and Dybvig

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

While much attention has been directed toward Ben Bernanke's Nobel, the banking theories of Nobel winners Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig also need a second look.

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Are Seasonally Adjusted Economic Data Useful?

Big GovernmentStrategyU.S. Economy


Government economists "seasonally adjust" data in order to better respond with policy recommendations to deal with business cycles. The problem is that government causes the cycles.

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Applying Volcker's Lessons

Money and Banks


We can't count on the Fed regulating itself or that some especially hawkish chairman will appear to save us from the worst excesses of fiat money.

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A Critique of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model

BitcoinAustrian Economics OverviewPrices

While Bitcoin's S2F Model has come under some criticism, the best analysis of its flaws comes from perspective of Austrian Economics.

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A Commonsense Approach to the Austrian-Mainstream Methodenstreit

Austrian Economics OverviewSubjectivism


Mainstream economists claim that Austrian economics is "discredited" because Austrians use deductive reasoning instead of employing complicated calculus and statistics. The irony is that Austrian analysis is better at explaining real-world economic phenomena.

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A Cliché of Socialism: Under Public Ownership, We the People Own it!

Free MarketsProperty RightsSocialism


Proponents of socialism claim that it promotes ownership "by the people." Yet the people that actually control resources and production are not the same people who allegedly are the "rightful owners" in society

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An Economic Perspective on Accusing Political Opponents of Racism



A winning political strategy, especially among Democrats, is to accuse their political opponents of racism, or at least "closet" racism. Yet simple economic analysis shows such accusations are illogical.

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