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Central Banks Are Creating the Return of Mugabenomics

Central BanksInflationMonetary PolicyWorld History

Blog23 min ago

Robert Mugabe, once president for life of Zimbabwe, became infamous for hyperinflation and political repression. Today, he is becoming the patron saint of central banking.

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Wisdom from a Yenta

PhilosophySocialismWorld HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology

Blog3 hours ago

Philosopher Susan Neiman may be a leftist, but she recognizes the dangers of woke progressivism.

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Credit Suisse Collapsed Because of Government Intervention, Not Despite It

Bureaucracy and RegulationInflationMoney and Banks

Blog8 hours ago

The standard narrative around current bank failures is that they occur because of a lack of regulation. Credit Suisse was heavily-regulated; that was the problem.

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Submission Guidelines for the Mises Wire

Blog10 hours ago

I've received a few questions recently about submission guidelines for the Mises Wire, so here are the guidelines.

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The Pentagon's Budget from Hell


Defense funding policies are increasingly influenced by weapons contractors who benefit mightily off the sweat and toil of the American taxpayer.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Contradictory Demands for Easy Money and Strict Financial Regulation

Bureaucracy and RegulationMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksProgressivismU.S. Economy


Elizabeth Warren blames lack of regulation for the latest banking crisis. But she believes that the easy money regime that is really causing the crisis is perfectly fine.

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Understanding the Difference between Praxeology and Psychology

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Some economists have tried to apply psychology to economic analysis, but psychology is not what drives economic activity.

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Governments Can't Blame Inflation on Energy and Putin Anymore

Money and Banks


We are all poorer, even if headline price inflation is slightly lower. Slowing CPI growth does not mean lower prices, just a slower pace of destruction of the purchasing power of money.

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