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You Support Ukraine's Independence? Then You Support Secession.

War and Foreign Policy


In 1991, Ukrainians held an election and voted for secession. Today we’re supposed to cheer that. But to suggest something similar for a region of the United States? Well, we’re told that’s just plain wrong.

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Yes, the US Has Its Own "Sphere of Influence." And It's Huge.

War and Foreign Policy


Washington now claims to reject the idea of "spheres of influence" and pretends its own sphere of influence doesn't exist while demanding all nations fall within a US-dominated global order.

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Yes, They Are Coming for the Oil Companies


The Biden administration will use the SEC to squeeze oil and gas companies on "climate risk." As is typical for progressive schemes that drive up the cost of living, the working classes will suffer the most.

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Yellen Is Wrong. The US Government Doesn't Always Pay its Debts.

Money and BanksU.S. History


Let's stop pretending default is unprecedented. The US defaulted on debts in 1934 and again in 1979. Today it engages in de facto default through financial repression and monetary inflation.

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You'll Be Shocked the Learn There's Corruption at the Fed

Money and Banks


Some fed officials simply shrugged off what was an obvious conflict of interest when they traded stocks and real estate holdings while making policy. The rules don't apply to central bankers.

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Yet Again, the Media's Covid Narrative Doesn't Add Up

U.S. History


States with long-lasting lockdowns, covid restrictions, and even mounting vaccine “incentives” have still been hit harder than more laissez-faire states in many cases, even after the virus has had eighteen months to spread well beyond the borders of the initial hot spots.

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Young Americans Resist Biden’s Covid Vaccination Campaign



Federal officials are starting to understand that they can no longer intimidate and threaten their way to universal compliance with covid restrictions.

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Yes, Paul Krugman, Booms Are Unsustainable

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


Austrians do not question booms because they don’t like prosperity or because they have character defects. Rather, Austrians understand that booms involve lines of investment in areas of production that cannot be sustained.

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