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This Is What Could Trigger Big Growth in CPI Inflation

World History


Whether today's Great Monetary Inflation (which began in 2011) will end with sustained CPI inflation remains a wide-open question at this point. Prices could be reined in as in the 1990s, or a 1970s-style inflation could still be in store.

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The G7's Reckless Commitment To Mounting Debt

Global Economy


The global minimum tax rate will not hurt G7 members or large technology giants, but it will devastate small and dynamic countries that need to attract capital and investment and who cannot afford to have the tax rate of global leading nations.

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Texas Says It Can Enforce Immigration Restrictions. Texas Is Right

U.S. History


However one may feel about immigrants, both historical experience and an honest reading of the US Constitution makes it clear that the federal government is not, in fact, empowered to enforce immigration.

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The Origins of Keynesian Economics: How Did It Get So Popular?

World History


Keynes's early critics repeatedly demolished Keynes's theories, pointing  out countless fallacies behind the so-called "new economics." Yet Keynes and his theories only gained in popularity. Why? 

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The Economics of the Extended Family: From Risk Management to Human Capital

Labor and WagesPoverty


Extended families have long functioned to provide alternatives to the state in terms of risk sharing and mutual aid. Other economic benefits include the refinement of human capital and economies of scale.

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The Fed's Policies since the 2020 Coronavirus Panic

The FedInflation


Since the corona panic, the Fed has bought a ton of government bonds, but it's also started buying corporate bonds, has abolished reserve requirements, redefined their M1 measure, and switched to average inflation targeting.

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The Abuse of Public Debt—and How It Sets the Stage for Economic Disaster

U.S. History

The majority of economists, who assume recent historical trends will continue forever, forget that nonlinearity in economics means that cause-and-effect relationships can remain dormant for a long time, only to manifest themselves with unusual force later on.

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The Case of Joe Rogan: Vaccine Policy and Freedom of Speech

Bureaucracy and Regulation


For politically "sensitive" subjects, authorities do not accept deviations from their official story. This deleterious...

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