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The Great Reset in Action: Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Expression



Governments never have respected rights of free speech. Today, they restrict freedom of speech and of the press and promote falsehoods in the name of "protecting truth."

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The Pigouvian Tax Is a Myth

Economic PolicyThe EnvironmentTaxes and Spending


Standard neoclassical economics texts claim a Pigouvian tax will lead to the "optimal" price and production of a good. But "optimality" is a myth.

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The Return of the Anguish of Central Banking: Why the Fed and Inflation Go Hand in Hand

Central BanksThe FedInflation


The buzz in Washington is that the Fed is "fighting inflation." But this is like an arsonist fighting the fire he started.

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The Curious Case of Ilya Shapiro


The Beltway is no place for loyalty.

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The Great Crash of 2022

The FedInflationU.S. EconomyBusiness Cycles

Anyone who doubts whether we are in a recession can stop doubting. The Fed's reverse repos show that we're headed for a crash.

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The Fed Is Winging It: A 75 Basis Point Hike "Seemed like the Right Thing"

Money and Banking


When asked to quantify how a 75-point hike is better than a 50-point one, Powell had no answer. And will it work? Powell could only say "we'll know when we get there."

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The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization

AntipoliticsEconomic PolicyProgressivismSocialismThe Police State


The so-called Great Reset is an attempt by wealthy elites and their allies to control people's lives. Their schemes need to be both exposed and resisted.

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