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Why Joe Biden Is Keeping the Cap on SALT Deductions

Taxes and Spending

Blog8 hours ago

The SALT tax deduction allows state and local taxes—like property taxes—to be deducted from federal taxes. To cap it is to pave the way for the federal government to tax income twice.

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Why the Regime's Regulatory Power Is a Standing Threat to America

U.S. History


Powerful federal politicians have many ways of expressing their displeasure with America's private sector, and this is partly why we so rarely hear any real criticism of the feds from corporate America.

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Wages, Prices, and the Demand for Money: Keynes Got It All Wrong

Labor and Wages


When markets are mostly free, prices adjust freely and constantly to adapt to new realities. Yet Keynes failed to understand how market rigidities are caused by government intervention. He blamed markets instead.

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Why Big Business Is Helping the Regime

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Faced with a "join us or be destroyed" ultimatum from federal regulators or lawmakers, most private firms choose the "join us" option. 

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Why Stimulus Does Not Stimulate

Booms and Busts


The specific institutional conditions in 1936 Britain caused inflation to work as intended once, and not well. Stimulus policy today completely ignores these origins and has become a universal solvent to heal all economic ills.

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With Reverse Repos, The Fed Is Now Trying to Clean up Its Own Mess

Money and Banks


One of the areas of the economy that the Fed recently needed to bail out was money market funds. Most investors consider these funds cash. One wonders why the Fed would be forced to provide liquidity to shore up liquidity.

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Why America's Oligarchs Are Moving Left

U.S. History


Wokeness may now be a public relations strategy—a method of appealing to the moral sensibilities of the upper-middle-class woke American consumer. 

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Why the US Supports Secession for Africans, but Not for Americans

Decentralization and Secession


The United States has long supported the idea of secession and "self-determination" for some faraway colonies. But the US regime is careful to define self-determination so as to deny any chance of secession closer to home. 

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