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Paul Krugman's One-Man War on Science

Bureaucracy and Regulation

Blog1 hour ago

One cannot simultaneously declare the scientific method simultaneously to be both valid and invalid, yet, this is what Krugman is doing.

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How the West Pushed back the Frontiers of Death

World History

Blog6 hours ago

Thanks to capital accumulation and other innovations in the West, life expectancy grew beyond anything previously imagined. The benefits spread from there.

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GDP Tells Us Little about the Health of an Economy

Blog7 hours ago

If people decide to save rather than spend, this could lead to a fall in GDP, even though people are becoming better off beyond the short term.

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Governments Love Inflation, and They Won't Do Anything to Stop It

Booms and Busts


In spite of what they say, governments will do nothing about inflation. Even though "money printing" is the real cause of this, governments will just keep blaming red herrings like supply chain problems.

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Yes, They Are Coming for the Oil Companies


The Biden administration will use the SEC to squeeze oil and gas companies on "climate risk." As is typical for progressive schemes that drive up the cost of living, the working classes will suffer the most.

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"Idle Resources" Are Problems Caused by the Central Bank

Money and Banks


It is not possible to replace productive credit by means of the easy monetary policies of the central bank. If this could have been done, then the world would have already ended poverty. 

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Who Will Build the Roads? Anyone Who Stands to Benefit from Them.

Taxes and Spending


The appropriate question is not “Who will build the roads?” but rather “Who will pay for them without taxation?” History suggests the answer is "lots of people" and the "public goods" theory is wrong.

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The Weak Jobs Report Shows the Failure of Keynesian Policies

U.S. Economy


We can see that these massive trillion-dollar stimulus programs generate a virtually nonexistent long-term positive impact, just a short-term bounce that lasts less than a quarter.

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