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Countering the Woke Offensive

World History


Although the Woke agenda seems to be dominating everything, the mask is slowly being peeled away and some are starting to recognize the truly authoritarian agenda that had been so carefully hidden.

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Correlations and the Definition of the Money Supply

The FedMonetary PolicyMonetary Theory


Monetary authorities and monetary economists try to define money without understanding what money really is: a medium of exchange.

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Credit Tightens as the Money Supply Falls for Ten Months In a Row

Money Supply


With negative growth now falling near or below –10 percent for the sixth month in a row, money-supply contraction is the largest we've seen since the Great Depression.

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Cotton Pickin' Sanctions

Economic PolicyProtectionism and Free TradeU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


On yet another crusade, US authorities have sanctioned Chinese cotton imports. The sanctions won't change Chinese policies but they will create hardships for many.

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Chess, Trans Athletes, and Free Markets in Sports

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawMedia and Culture


Is there a way out of the seemingly intractable demands that trans athletes who are "transitioning" from male to female be permitted to compete with female athletes? There may be a free-market solution.

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Civilian Control, Unicorns, and Other Bedtime Stories: The Military Does What It Wants

Big GovernmentThe Police StateU.S. History


Forget the notion that the Armed Forces are under civilian control.What the generals want, the generals get.

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Can We Find a Basis for Private Property Rights?

LawProperty RightsOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology


While Murray Rothbard believed that self-ownership formed the basis for private property rights, other philosophers disagree.

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