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What Will It Take for Cryptocurrencies to Become Full-Fledged Money?

Money and Banks


The potential for denationalized money is real and important. But progress still must be made before cryptocurrencies can become true substitutes for fiat currencies. 

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What Marxists Say about "Market Socialism"

Economic FreedomEconomic PolicyHayekSocialismCalculation and KnowledgePhilosophy and Methodology


Following the collapse of the USSR, many socialists pinned their hopes upon the development of a "market socialism" that would be economically efficient and create equality. Marxist philosopher G.A. Cohen wisely dissented.

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Why Employers and Families—Not Bureaucrats—Should Be In Charge of Immigration Policy

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and WagesPoverty


An immigration system based on sponsorship, bonding, and a reduction in the use of public resources would allow the private sector to play a bigger role in which immigrants come here, and which ones stay.

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What Has Mises U Students Most Excited about the Week?


Mises U students share what they most look forward to during the "best week of the year."

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Why Government Pollution Control Fails

Economic PolicyThe Environment


Mainstream economists are quick to claim that environmental problems are caused by "market failure" that can be "fixed" by government intervention. However, the intervention itself is the problem.

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Why "Classical" Liberals Want Decentralization

Decentralization and Secession


"In all matters of government the State tolerates no intermediate agent between itself and the people, and in general business it directs the people by its own immediate influence." 

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Want to Follow Your Dreams? The First Step Involves Hard Work



Adults tell young people to follow their dreams, but one cannot follow one's vision without realizing what it takes to get there.

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Wind and Solar Are NOT Cheaper than Coal and Oil

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyThe Environment


President Biden makes the false claim that wind- and solar-generated electricity are cheaper than power generated from coal and oil.

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