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How the Patent-Troll Wright Brothers Fought to Stifle Innovation

Legal SystemU.S. History

The Wright brothers spent most of their post-1903 careers suing other inventors who were doing the much-needed work of improving airplane technology.
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How Sound Economics Birthed the Video-Game Era

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipProduction Theory

Technological know-how is not enough to make a high-tech endeavor successful.
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How Ludwig von Mises Studied History

Philosophy and Methodology

While economics is concerned with purposeful action, history is different, and the historian asks why certain actions were undertaken.
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Hard Assets In an Age of Negative Interest Rates

Money and BanksWorld History

For many investors who take the long view, there is a big world beyond the stock market.

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How Government Invented Our Modern, Inefficient Prison System

Legal SystemU.S. HistoryWorld History

An efficient criminal justice system is based on the idea of restitution. The modern system of using prisons as punishment turns this idea on its head.
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How the Global Drug War Pushed Down Heroin Prices

Legal SystemWorld HistoryPrices

As the Drug War attacked heroin production in one place, it encouraged increases in heroin production in other places, pushing down global prices.
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